Frequently asked questions

What languages are supported?

Keatext can analyze text in English and French. The user interface is also available in both languages.

What are the minimum system requirements?

There are little to no system requirements to use Keatext because it runs in a cloud environment. All you need is a modern browser with scripts enabled and an Internet connection.

Keatext is optimized for Google Chrome 45 and up, but it's also compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari to a certain extent.

How is my comment usage calculated?

Free trial users can analyze up to 10 000 comments. Subscribed users have a monthly comment quota, with an option to purchase extra comments.

If you upload CSV data, then each record (or row) counts as one (1) comment. For datasets created through Zendesk, Salesforce or our REST API, each record counts as one (1) comment, and any update that requires Keatext to reanalyze a record also contributes towards your comment usage.

Why won't Keatext detect dates properly?

If you're importing data from a CSV file or through our REST API and Keatext fails to detect dates properly, your dates may be written in a format Keatext doesn't support. For a list of date formats that work with Keatext, see Supported date formats.

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