Filter your records

Let's say you have a big dataset but are only interested in a small subset of it at the moment. Keatext allows you to filter records based on the content of their fields—for example, you can choose to focus on survey responses from New York customers or on tickets that were posted before March 7, 2009.

  1. Click Filters on the left side of the screen if the sidebar is hidden.
  2. Click Add filter.
  3. Under Record fields, select a field whose value(s) you want to filter with.
  4. Select a filter type and enter a value.
  5. Click Add filter

If you apply conflicting filters for the same field, Keatext will show you a record as long as it matches one of the filters. For example, applying the filters “Reporter is John Doe” and “Reporter is Jane Doe” will show you every record with either John Doe or Jane Doe as a value for the Reporter field.

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