Export your analytics

Keatext's analytics are exportable to CSV files. Each row corresponds to a topic and an indicator (for example, hotel and beautiful), along with the sentiment that Keatext assigned to the pair. You can apply filters before exporting to focus on a subset of your data.

  1. In the project interface, browse to the Most Talked About Topics widget.
  2. Click Detailed Export.
  3. Check your inbox periodically for a link to the CSV file.
group name,merged topics,topic,opinion,Date,Review,City
apartment,"apartment,appartment,space",space,positive,2012-07-10,The space was nice,Berlin
light,light,light,unknown,2016-02-19,Lovely views and filled with light,Montreal
location,location,location,positive,2014-05-30,Very cute place in the BEST location possible,Madrid

The first two columns refer to topic groups created automatically by Keatext. In the first line, for example, space is part of a group that contains apartment, appartment and space, and the group is represented by apartment. The third column is the topic that was actually found in the text.

The fourth column, opinion, is the polarity (positive or negative) assigned to the topic.

Export analytics for a specific widget

You can also export the analytics that were used in a specific widget.

  1. In the top right corner of a widget, click the </path> icon.
  2. Check your inbox periodically for a link to the CSV file.

The analytics for the Most Talked About topics widget might look like this:

topic,merged topics,document count,negative mentions,positive mentions,neutral mentions
view of the downtown area,,1,0,1,0

The columns topic and merged topics are already explained above. document count is the number of documents that mention the topic at least once and the last three columns give the number of times it was mentioned positively, negatively or neutrally.

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