Create a filter view

A view is a set of filters that should be applied together. Views can be enabled or disabled whenever you want, allowing you to reuse filters easily and focus on different aspects of your data very quickly. The standard view contains no filters and simply shows you all records in your dataset.

To create a view, you can apply filters and save them as a view, or create an empty view first and then add filters to it.

  1. Click Filters on the left side of the screen if the sidebar is hidden.
  2. Click View options at the bottom of the sidebar if you can't see the option Create new view.
  3. Click Create new view.
  4. Give your view a name that doesn't exceed 22 characters and click Save view
  5. Add as many filters as you want (see Filter your records).

You can also duplicate an existing view by switching to that view and following steps 3 and 4.

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